Monday, June 12, 2006

Kiss of the Dragon

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Title: Kiss of the Dragon-

Acrylic on Pre-Stretched Canvas
Artwork Size: 30 x 40 (sides painted)
Thick Textured Paints in Deep Intense Green, Black and Silver, Vibrant Rainbows of Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple and Orange. Swirls of Copper, Gold, Antique Silver.
Inspiration: Kung Foo Circle Series- I have always admired martial arts mythology. Primarily because of their themes: True love, Perseverance and Self Sacrifice, Labor and Creation, Good Deeds and Rebellion Against Oppression, The belief that imitating animal movements in fighting prevails. In order to survive in the wild, animals evolved natural fighting skills. Certain animals have qualities we all desire. Butterflies can bring flight and longevity. Tigers are graceful, powerful and deadly. Dragons have supernatural powers and deep wisdom.

Thanks for looking!
Pam Miller