Wednesday, July 26, 2006

window man

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he stood at the window watching them eat. he knew that he would never again be a part of her life. when he left, he was young and shallow. he came back a different person. she had stayed the same. she didn't like this new person he had become. she wanted a big engagement ring, and a big house and a new suv. he could offer her none of these things, and found her revolting for wanting them.

still.... there was something. watching them eat, knowing that at the end of the meal, the man across from her would hand her that big ring. she would marry, and have her suv and big house. he would not be a part of it. he was happy for her, and sad. he felt like he was losing something, some childhood part of him. she was part of his childhood he realized. his past. he felt a weight come off him. all those things he carried with him lifted. he was free.

Title: Window Man

Artist: Fran Giordano MFA

Size: 15"x17.5"

Media: MIXED

PAPER: This is a mixed media painting on paper- unframed

Color: intense

Shipping and Handling: $4.05 in the US

Certificate Of Authenticity: if you must!