Sunday, October 22, 2006

My name is Sharon Lamb I'm a artist working on commissioned pet portraits for horses dogs and cats. I have painted portraits for world show horses and national show dogs from around the country.
Viewing of my sold paintings can be achieved upon request.
I have been a painter for nearly 28 years. I paint almost every day using either oil or acrylic paint on canvas. Selling my paintings through word of mouth. I started painting wall murals many years ago and have since changed to canvas to paint portraits. I have painted at least 50 wall murals throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. With a few in Florida.
I have some sales from Ebay but my work brings much higher prices by means of references. I have sold many pet portraits on Ebay and plan to continue listing my pet portrait auctions. I'll also be listing ACEO paintings which I have been creating for nearing 3 months with 65 ACEO paintings already completed which are ready to list.
I have not yet created a web site. Shortly I will be hiring some one for creating a site to best display my work. I have been looking for the right web designer for the past year with 2 people in mind my site should be up and running within a year.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to completing this blog. I hope I find it'll help my along in my art career and in meeting new people.
Sharon Lamb