Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Huge Original Abstract Painting Feminist- Woman centered, - Goddess Art, uterus art, female art,, 3 ft by 4 ft Acrylic on Canvas, Surreal Contemporary

Woman's Road.  Huge 3 ft by 4 ft acrylic on canvas.

I created this piece while I was studying women in art, in college. I am not sure if I would say it is a feminist piece but it is certainly a women centered painting about feminine power and overcoming struggles and obstacles that are particular to women in this world. A modern day, contemporary, ordinary Goddess, Piece of Art. So often, what women go through and struggle with, in America, and all misogynistic cultures, is the desire of others (generally but not always, men) to control the uterus. Because of this constant conflict, a Women's road through life always deals with this, even if only in subtle ways.

In this painting the fluffy pink panty line merges into a cloud filled sky at the top, making the women, abstractly and symbolically become the sky while the bottom half is entirely grounded and secure. Get this original art while you can. Layaway is also available.