Saturday, August 23, 2008

Urban Jungle Series Cityscapes BIG SALE on Overstock by PMILLER

I'll be putting up a new painting everyday on Overstock from my Urban Jungle Series..

Living in a city can be an intense, spontaneous experience. They pulse with light and activity. Cities are industrious and busy by day. At night, their mystery and lushness come alive. A city can stimulation your passion and all of your senses. In my cityscapes, I try to capture the electric colors, stunning skylines and interesting architecture that can be found when visiting an urban jungle.
These paintings have wonderful pastel and jewel hues. You’ll get a hint of whimsy, however, I’ve added stark black lines and metallic/ neon acrylic paints to give them a modern edgy feel. My Urban Jungle paintings have been described as “Modern impressionism with a twist”, and as”Colorful, Bold and Joyful!”.

Here are just a few up now..

A Glorious Day

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Before Dawn

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City in Pink

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