Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Girls are a HIT!!

I'm back from the business trip down to visit with Debra and talk to galleries about Abstract VS Realism Road Show Plans. It was a success in that so far we've booked one gallery for a show there...To see our current offerings and find out more about Abstract and Realistic Paintings, Movements and Famous Painters, go to
http://www.abstractvsrealism.com or see duels and comments about the artists'works and other happenings visit us at
http://www.abstractvsrealism.com. Duel and voting on this next challenge(paintings below) starts later this week:

My "Inspiration Series" was also well recieved by many of the fine art galleries we visited and I've already booked one show next month for them. More on that later. Here are some of my newest paintings availble on my site http;//www.millermodernart.com or on ebay at My Ebay Store..Here are a few of my latest girls..